Monday, 1 March 2010

Making plans

I'm always making plans.

some come to fruition, some don't.

some are whimsical and fleeting, others are whimsical and long-standing.

I've been creating music on and off for quite afew years with mixed success, but so far i am proud of what i've acheived.

I don't claim to be anything too amazing, i only hope to be the best i can be and keep improving (which i think is a rather sensible plan)

and later today i am planning on making more plans for my music.

i won't spill too much - i don't always like talking about things before they've happened incase things don't work out...

i planned to make my first music video. and i have already made a start.

i'm planning on recording a few more cover versions.

and i have plans for the blog.

i plan to post up more of the stray sofas, i plan to post up more of my old music, i plan to throw a little light on some of the other blogs that i peer at, i plan to geek out a bit more too, and i was planning on pointing you in the direction of good music, be it local or otherwise.

but i wasn't planning on posting every single day, i don't know how quick my blog should move on to the next thing, but i can't find room for all these plans otherwise.

so i don't know how long it will take for all this to appear.

so maybe afew of you should make plans to check back here and see what i'm offering up.

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