Sunday, 21 March 2010

JLS, watch your backs!!

i'm not actually thrilled by this song, i think One Life Stand was head and shoulders above this, but despite that, it does have an amazing, and rather bizarre video to accompany it.

and as if the boyband start to the vid isn't weird enough.... just stick with it

and what attracts me to this video even more is the fact that it is directed by Peter Serafinowicz aka the 'Baddie' from Spaced aka the 'Baddie' from Shaun Of The Dead aka The Shipping Report guy from Black Books aka the voice of Darth Maul aka probabaly countless other british comedy cameos and other such stuff, heck, he even cropped up in last years Rom-Com Couple's Retreat

and after just checking his wiki entry for research purposes i've just found out that he's worked on stuff for Adult Swim and married Sarah Alexander - damn, is there anything he hasn't done??!!

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