Sunday, 7 March 2010

brush my teeth

less than 24 hours since i posted up about the new Pro Green joint and the video has been unveiled, i took a look over at Marvin's blog - and you know what, it's a growing on me, but like i said, i know he's capable of much better

and another music video for you guys, yep, but with a twist.

you've all heard Ke$ha's uffie-biting single Tik Tok, course you have, some of you may have even watched Midnight Beast's parody video, but have you seen the Star Wars parody??

it's truly bizzarre, it truly is beyond words.

featuring the world's least fanciable Princess Leia, the world's unhairiest Chewbacca impersonator and a load of other odd stuff, just watch, ok?

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