Wednesday, 17 March 2010

i can't unread it

if a tree fell in a forest and nobody was around to hear it, would it make a sound?

and if i didn't read 'Batman: Under The Hood' would it realy have happened?

i've taken a couple of years to try and get a little bit more up to date on my comic reading after spending a decade or more away from the DC universe.

i took the occasional trips to wiki when i needed to distract myself from real work, looking up comic book characters out of curiosity (cos this is how i roll) and wasn't always happy with the 'progress' that some of these fictional characters has made.

but regardless i made my purchase of one of the storylines in question, 2005's 'Under The Hood' - which i will avoid spoilers of incase there are any other fools out there that haven't already read a story that they intend to that is now 5 years old

despite my disgust at what was going on i was actually pleasantly surprised by the way the story was handled and quite enjoyed it up to a point, and that point was the final chapter, which supposedly explains everything but instead left a bitter taste in my mouth as i realised that some weak-arse plot device served as a backstory for a half decent storyline

and i kinda wished i hadn't bothered

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