Friday, 5 March 2010

wash. rinse. repeat.

time keeps on ticking by and i'm trying to keep this blog varied, but if you don't mind i just want to hark back breifly to my Enfield Advertiser articles again, in particular the Tinnitus article

just because Tinnitus Awareness week has been and gone, and my article has been published, doesn't mean i should just let you forget about it now

not only is there plenty of info over at but if you scroll down to the section titled Launch Event you can also download yourself a free mp3 of the full One Tune, One Cause DJ set

One Tune, One Cause DJs - Tinnitus Awareness Week DJ set @ Cargo 08.02.10

and for anyone following (and anyone that cares) this article was published in this weeks Enfield Advertiser which you can read online (page 24)

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