Friday, 19 March 2010

straight to video

ok, i tried not to give too much away t'other day when i took a quick look at Under The Hood and vented my disgust, and i'm sorry kids but it's comic book time on the Hunchblog again, cos they're gonna be turning the said story into an animated dvd release

and i'll say it now before any of you click play and ruin it for yourselves, this looks like a movie made by comic book fans by comic books fans and you probably should have read Under The Hood before you peep this.... and if you haven't, don't be suprised if this gives the whole game away.... but if you're not a comic book fan i doubt you'll care much anyway

the fact that they seem to be marketing it as a bit of a mystery seems a bit beyond me when it needs to be a self-contained story for the sake of non/casual-geeks, and everything you need to have unravelled it is laid out rather unsubtley - or is it just me?

what am i going on about. does anyone even realy care. who knows?

just don't say i didn't warn you

you still here? want more, go check part two

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