Sunday, 19 December 2010

dave against the machine

christmas is creeping ever closer and last night i actualy started my wrapping and piling afew presents underneath the christmas tree, although there is one present that hasn't made it under the tree after i decided to keep it for myself

my brother is always the easiest person to buy for each year since his tastes are so similar to mine, if i like it then there is a pretty good chance that he will like it too, and being the artistic type (translation: broke) it is extremely unlikely that he will have already bought said presents for himself.

and since i can always make my present budget go quite far by economically choosing recycled and ethical presents from charity shops, i thought i might have been onto a winner upon spotting an orange sleeved tome upon the shelves of british heart foundation

intriguingly entitled The Book of Dave, a fleeting glance at the blurb revealed it to be a distopian vision of Britain's future if a slightly mad cabbie's jotted down ramblings were the foundation for a new religion, exactly the type of thing i knew that the Bishop would dig.

except i spent the next few days wondering if i might dig it more

i'd just finished my book from the library and needing stimulation for my brain i decided that i would get stuck in

bloody good job i did too, since it seems that he already has his next book lined up for reading, plus i'm not exactly sure how well his dyslexia would have coped with the futuristic Mockney accent that sections of the book are written in

much like Trainspotting and Pygmy, the story is told with an emphasis on dialogue that it isn't always instant to get a grips with

rest assured he will still be getting decent presents and i'll even go as far as letting him borrow the book if he fancies it after working his way through the Complete works of Lewis Carrol if he so wishes

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