Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Kanye discovers Emmerdale

ok, maybe he hasn't, but look what i found as i was perusing Kanye West's blog on saturday, trying to waste some time by looking at a bundle of things that probably only Kanyeezy can feasibly afford (honestly, check out the fashion, the furniture, and his taste in architecture) and as a red blooded male he also has an interest in women, except this time he featured the UK's very own Roxanne Pallett alongside his obligatory 'where are you yeezy???' speech bubble


i'm not in the habit of posting girls in their underwear on my blog (although it has happened before) i just find the thought that after jetting off around the world and making autotune and funny looking shades popular, there is nothing Mr West likes more than getting home and catching up with the Dales' latest goings on in an omnibus edition rather amusing

Kanye West's full Roxanne Pallett post can be found here

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