Sunday, 7 June 2009

everybody needs good neighbours

earlier this week my neighbour moved away, he's been my neighbour my entire life and now he's not, which is kinda strange.

it's not like i realy talked to him very often, not in recent years anyway, but you just knew he was there and accepted that. in fact the most memorable conversations seem to be discussing the squirrel that used to live in his loft and had moved into ours, and when he banged on the door to tell me to turn down a DMX track that i was playing at excessive volumes when i was sixteen or so maybe

he knocked on the door earlier this week, simply informed me he would be leaving the next day, i asked him where he was going, and he told me, he asked me if i got some good photos of his sofa and i told him i had, tho he didn't realy seem to understand the concept of stray sofas as i tried to explain

and that was that realy

i guess my new neighbour will be someone else that i don't talk to, much like the other side and much like many other people and their neighbours

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