Wednesday, 24 June 2009

street spirit

While i'm probably battling with extreme weather conditions at Glastonbury, i thought i'd leave you with some pre-scheduled posts and the remnants of a project that was taking up a lot of my time early last year

Despite being (and still virtually remaining) non-musical, in the sense of being able to pick up an instrument and competently play, i readily admit my obsession with music and have tried to involve myself in anyway possible, initially by going to so many gigs that i've probably done lasting damage to my hearing, i also set up a shortlived club night alongside my Bubblegum Stomp compadres and although dwindling in numbers we have continued to DJ when we get the chance and had a good innings with Red Griffin Records and their live music nights. My obsession has also manifested in my musical tinkerings as Hunchbakk, and my search for a pulse in the borough of Enfield has since led me to volunteering at a Youth Centre Music Project.

The above mentioned association with Red Griffin Records and friendship with Deano Sharp also splintered into plans for an Enfield based fanzine, there isn't room here to go into all the trials and tribulations that troubled the birth of the 'zine, but by the time it was all plotted and planned and had overcomed so many other problems, it fell flat on it's face when it came to the printing process

i think the whole idea has been shelved now, but so much time and effort went into what should have been the first issue of Street Spirit that it seemed a shame to jus leave it tucked away on my hard drive, so while i'm not around i thought i'd leave you with a kind of serialisation of an out of date fanzine as a testament to the hard work that went into it

ok, not much to see here today, just the front cover and contents (including a rather cheesy intro) but keep coming back to see what could have been...

click the above pics for a larger view

credit where it's due:
cover photography by Ian Byford
cover design by Ian Byford/Glen Byford/Mike Love Korner
intro written by Glen Byford
intro page design by Ian Byford

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