Saturday, 20 June 2009

meet me after school and i'll beat you like gorilla


more music??

i've no intention of giving this blog over completely to chucking mp3s of hotly tipped bands at people, but i will point you in the direction of good music and let you know where to pick up afew tracks for zilch, recent examples being The Bathtub Sophist, The Northwestern, Flamboyant Bella, erm Example and of course, my good self.

and now, i bring you a full live set from a band that epitomise summer and fun and having a good time, Bonde Do Role!! ok, so it's not exactly new, the set is actualy two years old, and the band have been knocking around a while and have lost pivotal member, Marina Gasolina, and since replaced her in the bizarre fashion of hosting a show on MTV Brazil to recruit new members.

i have not had the chance of catching the new line-up live, and am wary of doing so since i have such fond, sweat drenched memories of Marina, Pedro and Gorky together.

so follow the linkage to find a live set from Bonde Do Role at the peak of their powers at '07's SXSW, download it, listen, and lie back and think of Marina

Bonde Do Role @ SXSW '07


credit where it's due:

this live set, and more can be found on

photos of Bonde Do Role by Mediaeater

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