Sunday, 14 June 2009

You Are Here


So perhaps it's time for a little update of where i am and what i'm doin, and for the most part everything is generally the same, filling up my time with photography, reading and trying to make music.

to break it down a little more tho:

i think the stray sofas project has been coming along nicely and have recently found a few new additions, including possibly the daddy of all stray sofas on my way to The Northwestern gig on tuesday, all of which will be making their way onto the blog in good time.

i also seem to have been gorging myself on Alan Moore graphic novels in the past couple of weeks, ploughing through The Killing Joke, Swamp Thing and two volumes of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen... I'm ready to move on tho, perhaps a Grant Morrison binge next...

and musically? its mostly been SoundArt taking up my time. a re-edited SoundArt5 will be making an appearance once i've completed re-jigging it, SoundArt6 shouldn't be too far from the horizon, although i do need to spend some time beefing the track up so i'm entirely happy with it. I'm also gonna be juggling the production of SoundArt7, since its predecessor is nearly complete and i'm trying to play catch up.

unfortunately, all this hasn't left much time for my remixes and my own album tracks, which have fallen by the way-side a little while i try and balance all of the above and everything else in my life, but the SoundArt project is helping me to experiment and develop a sound which should ultimately be a benefit to everything else i do.

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