Wednesday, 17 June 2009

in blackest night...

D.I.Y has changed alot, before it was merely putting up afew shelves or any other household maintenance while trying not to injure yourself in the process

but the digital age has brought with it wider possibilties for people to Do It Theirselves, using computers i am creating music from my bedroom without a band, i also favour photoshop for messing around with a little visual manipulation for messing around with artwork and pictures

but the following is one of the most amazing feats of D.I.Y i have seen, a fan made trailer for a non existent Green Lantern movie!!

The skill and creativeness that must have went into that is staggering and it all comes off with such a polished sheen that it could easily be mistaken for a real studio effort, everything was just so right about it

the likelyhood of a real Green Lantern film has been bouncing around for a while although nothing seems to be set in stone just yet, and even tho Green Lantern is hardly recognised outside of geekier circles the same could have been said for Iron Man prior to his big screen debut not so long ago

and if it does make it out their and make the big bucks, i'm sure we'll be seeing plenty more Green Lantern sequals and Green Lantern Corps spin-offs

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