Monday, 8 June 2009

how romantic...

for some bizzarre reason that is unknown to me (probably because i'm male) my girlfriend takes great delight in looking at diamond rings and pictures of wedding dresses, and, erm, wedding hair, so i know this post will thrill her...

because nothing says 'i love you' quite like a star wars themed wedding!

but what is most impressive about this geeky display of affection is just how spectacular the whole thing looks, it had the potential to be a real shambolic sham full of geeks and weirdos, but even when the bride is wearing a dress based on a stormtrooper uniform the whole thing is executed with class and comes across as unique, rather than freak.

quite how classy a star wars themed wedding reception that includes Las Vegas style entertainment for the guests and dancing stormtroopers can only be answered with a little bit of imagination, tho there are afew photos of that too.

but on the whole, the wedding photographs strike a beautiful balance between the weird and the wonderful and are a wonderful reminder of a union between two people that is likely to stay with you, whether you attended the wedding or not

credit where it's due, i first read about this over at great white snark

and all the photos can be viewed on the website of patdy photography

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