Monday, 1 June 2009

Sound Art Experiment Number 5

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ok, 2 months over due and i guess you must be expecting something pretty spectacular after all that waiting, erm, i'm afraid i may be about to disappoint a lot of people...

SoundArt5 has been a particularly challenging track, and i think that much is fairly obvious when you hear the end results, but the SoundArt project as far as i'm concerned has been all about challenging myself and pushing myself to think about my practices and inspirations differently

and what exactly are you meant to do when you're presented with a defaced Chris De Burgh Live double LP as the corresponding artwork to the music you are gonna be producing??

i took inspiration (and a few samples) from the live album that had been picked up from a charity shop and chose this as a starting point for producing a track with a 'found sound' concept and has been made using some rather redundant formats including vinyl, tape and minidisc.

working on the 'found sound' concept i took bits and pieces that i had stumbled across accidentally and wove them into the track, so aswell as Chis De Burgh there is also an anonymous reggae track that i found on the cassette i had recorded the vinyl onto while trying to transfer it to minidisc, the slowed down effect was exactly what i heard back and i haven't tampered with that at all, and as the track progresses it seems to work itself out, i also started reconstructing the beat of the track using the beeping of a minidisc player on pause and tape deck buttons being pressed.

the final track is messy, overlong and is a bit of a hotch-potch, which ultimately is rather representative of the artwork provided, it has given me an insight into different practises tho, and i may work on an edit of the track without De Burgh, but for now (try to) enjoy April's SoundArt while i try to play catch up.


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