Wednesday, 27 May 2009

meet me in the bathroom...

it has always been my intention to not let this site become another music blog, but my obsession with music is a constant that runs through my life so it's obvious that some of that passion will seep through into my posts

quite often i'll keep you abreast of who i have seen but right here i have a couple of projects that have caught my eye recently


first up is New Zealand's The Bathtub Sophist, creating sublimely atmospheric electronic music that is uniquely layered with a blend of natural and digital elements, his intriguing sound and style definitely doesn't lay a million miles from where i am hoping to go with my own musical output and it is entirely possible that a collaboration may materialise with time

true to my word, i said i'd give him a shout and alert all my friends to The Bathtub Sophist's cause, and you can have a listen and also grab yourself a free EP from the handy widgit below so you don't just have to take my word for it

<a href="">The BreakBot by The Bathtub Sophist</a>

secondly, a little closer to home and close to my heart is the rebirth (of sorts) of Hope Of The States, who were producing sweeping melodramatic post-rock when everyone else was falling for indie-urchins crawling through the gutters of London

They shone bright, but briefly, and in the space of two albums the band had decided to call it a day

During a recent interview with The Fly, former HOTS frontman Sam Herlihy played a number of songs recorded after the bands demise, songs of 'bombastic splendour' that will sadly remain unheard, these tracks represent a cathartic, personal and transitional period which has been left behind for the sake of progression, a progression that has led to the formation of The Northwestern.

certain aspects of The Northwestern's music is unmistakably similar to their predecessor, Sam's try-hard vocal and rousing lyrics still hold firm and stand out even without the wailing guitars and swirling violins and will be sure to satisfy any fans that have been mourning Hope Of The States premature demise.

A limited double A-side single is currently available to pre-order from Friends VS Records and a free track can be obtained via musicglue

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