Wednesday, 20 May 2009

early morning light / camera phone - part 2

part 1 of this story may have looked a little lengthy and wordy, so a slightly different approach for part 2, we continue in the style of those blogs that are presented as a string of pictures, and i'll just provide a bit of annotation at the end.

i left you all hanging around at North Greenwich tube station at half four in the morning last time, so i'll pick up where we left off and see how much better my camera phone fares as morning breaks

1. North Greenwich Tube Station, now closed. 4.35am
2. A view from a moving bus, somewhere on the 188 route. 5.08am
3. Russel Square Tube Station. 5.45am
4. Bobbly looking buildings near Russel Square. 5.48am
5. Russel Square Tube Station platform. 6.13am
6. Breakfast. 7.45am

ok, not exactly amazing but i think my camera phone redeemed itself slightly as i kept pointing it all over the place trying to find something truly inspired and annoying my girlfriend by repeatedly telling her how beautiful everything looks in the early morning light but i think it was possibly worth it for that one shot outside of Russel Square Tube Station

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