Thursday, 7 May 2009

think of the overture

partway into thursday and i've already had a little play around with SoundArt5, still considering sanding that door and i am also trying to pick out some music for DJing with tonight...


do u need reminding? ok, but this is the last time!!

Bar Form, Enfield Town, from 7pm

Enfield shall be throwing its arms around and smothering the brand new band fronted by Lois (face/body of ann summers/daughter of Ray) Winstone as part of a brand new live music night launching tonight, on hand to ably assist headliners Galileo is support from a number of local bands, including the amazing Kids Uncanny. as well as (you have caught the hints, right?) DJ sets from Bubblegum Stomp and Galileo's Deano Sharp.

So you got that? An underwear model fronting a band, in Enfield, yeah, i thought that had sold it...

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