Monday, 18 May 2009

a little pricier than a kaoss pad

i've been knocking together a post detailing my adventures this weekend, but realised that as it may not get finished today and may be a bit of a lengthy post i'd giveyou a short and sweet one just to tide you over...

you've all heard the name Little Boots by now, right? she was on hipster's lips in '08 and one of the tipster's tips for '09 and the latest single 'New In Town' is making noise in radio land

but do you wanna see how she makes noise, on her own, in her room?

with a tenori-on

pushes afew buttons, lights afew lights, then before you know it she's playing 'Stuck On Repeat'

and she makes it all look so easy too

but with a price tag of around £900 i think i'll stick to the toys i have for now and try and get the most out of those

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