Saturday, 23 May 2009

Chemistry Lesson

'I love living in the future'

all them days when you can't get anything done and time just drifts away from you are all forgotten on those bizarre miraculous days when things just seem to go right.

and living in the future realy does open up my eyes and drop my jaw and leave me gawping in amazement at what we could be capable of sometimes...

i couldn't sleep on tuesday night, and felt inspired to write, on wednesday i felt inspired to do something more with the poetry

on thursday i fired up the computer and in one afternoon i had completed a brand new track, an experimental spoken word effort backed only by my own voice, manipulated and warped by the kaoss pad.

on friday i loaded it up for the myspace faithful to stream, and now, fours days after it's conception, two days after it was recorded, it is here for you to download (for a lil while, at least)

Base Element

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