Friday, 29 May 2009

Dawn Of The Don!!

i'm currently consumed by contemplation of what a zombie would wear tonight, and also plagued by thoughts of how best to acheive a deathly pallor and how much blood is too much blood?

the reason behind these questions? cos tonight i shall be taking part in the filming of a zombie themed music video and also seeing Akira The Don live for what must be the first time in over a year at least, possibly more!! its a good enough reason for me anyway!

click on the flyer for a better look, or check out the details here

it's all going down at The Gaff in Holloway from 7 tonight, and making the evening irresistable is a brand new full live band set from Akira The Don, brand new sets from Marvin The Martian and Pixel and DJ sets from evil geniuses such as Joey2Tits and Stephen Hague, oh, and people dressed as zombies!!

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