Thursday, 14 May 2009

Breaking and Entering

it has been all too easy to despair recently at the state of Enfield's musical goings on (or more appropriately, lack of) so it is with a wide beaming grin that i can report back on last thursday and on some bright new hopes that are shining through Enfield's mainly dismal night life

i'll readily admit to being a fan of Kids Uncanny, and can't believe that it had been almost a year since i last (and first) saw them and was blown away by their music, and to stand and watch them knowing that i already love them i was blown away all over again, they seemingly are a band that has it all, the look, the attitude, they have girls with guitars (and a guy on drums) and they have the talent and the songs to back it all up and i would urge anyone to catch them live

another band that i had (barely) caught live at the old Red Griffin Records nights is The Ridgeway Project, with all the rushing around those old gigs used to require from those involved they had almost passed me by, but taking the time to enjoy them properly showed evidence of a band that shouldn't be overlooked, they play tight and they sound great, breathing new life into some good old fashioned rock n roll music

the night was topped off with a touch of glamour with actress/model Lois Winstone posturing, posing and wailing through the headline set with her band, Galileo, a bluesy-rock fusion that backs her sultry and beguiling vocals and makes everyone take notice of them as they blow through the small venue like a force of nature

and credit where it's due to Deano Sharp, who not only organised the whole night but also DJed and played as part of Galileo, he also gave Bubblegum Stomp a long overdue DJ slot and has hopefuly given a kick up the arse to what was beginning to look like a dying scene.

all photography by Ian Byford Art

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