Sunday, 29 March 2009


wonky pop, despite their brief existence, certainly know how to pick em, i am yet to make it along to a wonky pop night but everytime i spot an advert or flyer i am impressed with their pedigree, it pretty much does what it says on the tin, giving a slanted take on glorious pop in all its guises, and so far their sparkling resume has championed such rising stars as Sam Sparro, Littles Boots, Tinchy Styder and Esser to name but a smattering.

and heading up the latest role call for the wonky pop tour is much heralded white boy rapper, Example who seemed to be going from strength to strength until the death of his label home, The Beats. Example has remained an underground choice and recently dropped a free mixtape turning his back on hip-hop beats and heading full steam ahead for the dancefloor, i'm looking forward to seeing how this is reflected in future live shows.

joining Example and the wonky pop alumni for the forthcoming tour are personal favourites, Flamboyant Bella (yep, them again) and considering the impact they had on Islington Academy when they played earlier this year the teaming of the two should realy see the place going off like never before and seriously raise the profile of everyone involved.

The wonky pop tour, hits London, Islington Academy on 3rd of June.

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