Sunday, 1 March 2009

marching on

huh, March? already?

i guess maybe some people are expecting the next installment of the SoundArt project.

i've gotta feeling that part three of the project may take a little longer to take shape than i could manage in one month, but it has a firm concept and i'm awaiting some more input before it can be called complete, but as a treat i might upload a work in progress soon, as i'm already proud of the track as it stands, but would like to flesh it out a little more.

in other news that is directly relevant to me and my musical ventures, i have been tinkering away to try and get 'teen-aging' to a standard that i'm completely happy with, at the moment the demo version can be listened to on my myspace.

once that is complete, i'll be placing it in the hands of others to see how they interpret it, i'm quite looking forward to having my own music remixed and am keen to find new collaborators. talking of collaborations, i've currently got another remix on the go at the moment, and also have a number of tracks in various stages of progress.

and now to look at blogging, been a fair number of musical related posts over the past month or so, so next week i think i'm gonna dip my toes in the geeky territory of comic book movie adaptions, partly inspired by this month's issue of Total Film and partly as a countdown to Watchmen, which i've booked to see at the IMAX next week. keep em peeled for the first post tomorrow.

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