Saturday, 21 March 2009

sometimes i have good days

you know the type of day, right? the type of day that only comes along once in a while, the type of day when things just seem to go right, i had one of those days yesterday.

the sunshine was streaming in through my bedroom window all day, i rose early and busied myself clicking round afew websites, working on music and reading comics.

if only every day could be like this...

and obviously the music is what is important to me, and if you pay any attention to my blog at all then you are deserving of a little update.

one track in particular seemed to fall into place easily and i'm realy happy with it so far, I'd had the inspiration last week to sample Adele for a new track and, for probably the first time ever, i could end up with a finished track that resembles what i initialy imagined instead the more accidental results that usualy characterise my output.

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