Monday, 23 March 2009

the kids are alright

what a stupid thing to do, start hanging around at a youth centre when you're 25.

but it has certainly been eye-opening to see such a positive force on young lives and a well equipped rehearsal space and recording studio at the disposal of Enfield's youth. and it was rewarding to witness a free gig held at the rehearsal space for all-ages on saturday night, showcasing many of the people and bands that frequent the youth centre in Ponders End.

i had feared that a live music scene in Enfield was long dead, but perhaps i had just been looking in all the wrong places, which isn't particularly surprising when finding any council born information turns into a labyrinthine quest to uncover the truth.

now i have found it tho, i am looking forward to getting further involved with the project, making new friends, and hopefully helping to enrich a few lives a lil as i have been asked to asked to take part in workshops that will have more of a focus on dance music.

wish me luck.

photography by Gemma Platt

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