Thursday, 12 March 2009

shock horror

as a favour i said i'd give a quick plug to a new night launching in Hitchin tomorrow night, i wouldn't just go plugging any old night on the tiles but i do have a handfull of reasons that are all justified.

The organiser/promoter is a friend of mine (even tho i've actualy met her a total of two times)that i originally met when Bubblegum Stomp still had the oppurtunity to DJ and Enfield still had gigs being organised, she was also behind the gig featuring Freewheelin' Troubadour that i mentioned last month, tho i didn't realise it 'til i got there (second meeting).

need another reason? how about a DJ set from Mike Fielding better known as Naboo from The Mighty Boosh, i've met him a few times, mostly when he's been DJing on the same bill as Bubblegum Stomp (back when Bubblegum Stomp still had the oppurtunity to DJ) and not only is he a great geezer, he's also got a great taste in music and takes his sets rather seriously, possibly one of the only things in life that he does.

you still want more? ok then, the headlining band are Model Horror, who take the synth batton from the Klaxons and run with it, they then take that batton and beat thoseresponsible for lazy journalism and comparrisons to a bleeding pulp, they make good music, ok, electro-angular-jerky-fun music, and i had the pleasure of catching them live when they played a night that Bubblegum Stomp were DJing at, back when Bubblegum Stomp still had the oppurtunity to DJ, although that was in Harlow, and they didn't seem to understand us and our eclectic taste.

full flyer and details can be found on the criminal chaos myspace page.

and tickets are available from ticketweb.

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