Friday, 27 March 2009


obviously not content with just being an artist, my little brother has been using his blog ( )to present his latest creative outputs.

since january he has been working on a project combining artwork with his own short stories, tentatively titled 'distopeian scrapbook' and since i consider these short works of science fiction to be something rather special, i thought it only right that i give over a little space to shed light upon them within my own blog.

it seems that my immediate family all show signs of creativity in one guise or another, my little brother went away to uni to study fine art and sculpture and since returning has embraced his artistic side as much as possible, he is also keen on photography and has helped me out whenever i have needed it with CD artwork and photoshoots, although until the first of these scrapbook stories appeared in late january i had no idea that he had any interest in writing.

and considering that my brother is dyslexic, and considering i know how hard he has occasionally found reading, i was completely blown away by the short story's premise, imagination, and above all, it's complexities.

his condition has meant that not every story conforms to routine storytelling practise and his style may lack certain finesse, but i am proud that he has not let this hold him back, and the five stories so far are shaping an intriguing new world that i would urge anyone to delve into.

the stories so far are:

confusing times
rock hopping
decerday night is all right for fighting
a fist full of euros
nickabocka glory

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