Saturday, 14 March 2009

tire tread on burst stomach

my girlfriend showed concern (actually she didn't, she complained) that my blog seemed to be filling up with geeky stuff, too many posts on comic books and comic book movies.

but i didn't wanna go out quietly, so here comes a bumper Watchmen post!!!!

so the film has been and gone and hasn't caused too much of a stir in the real world, Watchmen is possibly THE most important superhero story ever, but the film only seems to be treading on The Dark Knight's toes. most of the reviews and opinions i've read since posting my own seem to have picked up on the same issues i did, some with more vehemence than others, some with mild irritation, some with amusement.

one thing that didn't quite fit for me was Rorschach's voice, Jackie Earle Haley's growl seemed to be aping Bale's recent Batman more than it matched the monotone muffled grumble i portrayed in my head.

and the reason i'm mentioning this? cos before the film came out i came across this video of creator/writer Alan Moore voicing Rorschach, and i'm thankful this isn't the voice i hear in my head.

if this was the voice i heard in my head i don't think i could sleep at night, honestly, this disturbs me....

and so i don't clog up this post with a load of youtube videos and run the risk of turning this page into the kinda display that Adrian Veidt would sit and contemplate from his Antarctic retreat, the rest shall come in the form of linkage, that i highly recommend you click and follow if you get kicks outta this kinda thing.

first up is the latest of the 'I'm a Marvel, I'm a DC' videos, parodying the Mac/PC adverts and the movie outputs of both companies, Wolverine features in both, one alongside Rorschach, and then again alongside Doctor Manhattan. the third video you should check out is Watchmen movie star, Malin Ackerman playing along in a short sketch that shows her flatmate taking advantage of Malin's new found geek credentials.

and the final one is the source of some highly exagerated rumours of a mysterious long-lost Watchmen cartoon, it seems that everybody knew about this before I did, but if this is news to you, or you just wanna watch all over again, click here to view the lovingly crafted Watchmen cartoon title sequence.

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