Friday, 6 March 2009


it seems like a very long time ago that i first blogged about Zack Snyder's film adaption of the classic graphic novel Watchmen, it was only this morning that i finished reading it all over again, and this weekend i actually see the movie, as big and as brash as it could possibly be at the IMAX.

my initial reaction over bringing Watchmen to the screen were resoundingly negative, Snyder's first video blog won me over a little tho my feelings were still mixed. the trailer that accompanied The Dark Knight at the IMAX certainly got my fan-boy heart beating with it's faithfull reproductions of memorable panels, and now with the full release of the film weighing down upon me i am full of fear again.

it could be terrible, which would be a shame.

but what scares me the most is that once i have watched this film, i won't be able to un-watch it.

i fear that the influence of the movie could radically alter the way i perceive the graphic novel, it's characters, the world it inhabits and everything else about it that has stayed with me since i first borrowed it from my local library and was blown away by it's complexities and uniqueness and that keep me coming back to it like few other comics can.

i just hope my fears are unfounded.

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