Monday, 30 March 2009

rizla teeth

i thought today was the last day of march, but it isn't, tomorrow is, either way it's all gone by a bit quick.

i think the latest SoundArt is done, though i may have a stab at embellishing the track a little before it reaches the masses.

but before we unveil that at the start of april i think i'll just squeeze in an extra post.

was anyone else disappointed by the latest series of Skins that has just finished on E4 last week? it was enjoyable, but just didn't match up to the two previous series. When there are very few things i actually choose to watch on TV, it really does need to do something special, but by the end of this latest series i just didn't find myself particularly caring about any of the characters nor what would happen to them.

one thing the latest series did throw up was the inclusion of Gang Gang Dance soundtracking some mushroom addled forest raving, the track, featuring rising star of the moment Tinchy Stryder, is a gloriously warped clunking grimy beast with added percussional noise, perhaps an acquired taste, but well worth checking out for any fans of noisenik bands or UK MCs.

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