Sunday, 22 February 2009

Flamboyant Bella

why has more not been said of Flamboyant Bella's first London headline gig?

i've had a quick google around and seen nothing reporting on thursday night apart from a bunch of excited comments left on the band's myspace.

i'm gonna step up to right that little injustice right now, because it seemed to me that there were an awful lot of clued-up people already aware of Flamboyant Bella, enough that they haven't needed to kick around the backrooms of london bars and instead made a bee-line right for the Islington Academy, and although many bands choose to start small and build a fan-base around the capital Flamboyant Bella seemed to have had no problem in drawing a crowd.

Taking to the stage with debut single 'Touch', they were instantly able to make the crowd move with their jangly off-kilter take on indie, electro and pop. A young and devoted audience were all too willing to lose themselves to a bunch of songs, often about subjects that they realy shouldn't be old enough to have experienced, but Flamboyant Bella and their songs are a perfect soundtrack to everything that being youthful, vibrant and fearless is all about, whether you like it or not.

And although the songs references may read like a 'Skins' script the performance put in by the band comes across as good clean wholesome fun, perhaps it's the thrillingly beautiful dual male and female vocals or the fact that you can't help but want to dance to their glossy up-tempo pop gems that occasionly take a twist into rave, much to the audiences delight.

Just to look at the band between songs, you could tell that they were genuinely overwhelmed by the response and that so many people had turned up just for them, yet they never let this get in the way of playing a polished set of songs old and new, slow and fast before finally encoring with the rapturously recieved 'Absolutely Wankered'

and the only downsides that i'll try not to hold against them, they didn't play my favourite song 'Break Away', and all ages gigs make me feel old.

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