Friday, 20 February 2009

Special Thanks....

special thanks go to Biglife management, they not only didn't manage to get my tickets out in time for last nights gig, they then managed to also leave me off the guestlist, which i was meant to be on as they hadn't managed to get the tickets to me in time.

extra special non-ironic thanks go to the kind person on the door who managed to help us out a little.

when i eventually got in, it did prove to be a good gig, and as is becoming customary around here i'll try and do a brief write-up soonish.

honourable mentions also go to all the newsagents that seem to have shut early, meaning i couldn't top up my empty oyster, and the one newsagent that was open that told me his oyster machine was having difficulty connecting, and then directed me to another newsagents that was shut.

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