Sunday, 1 February 2009

more than one night in Paris

Last week was an interesting week, filled with landmarks, bones, skulls, cartoon characters, a graveyard, rollercoasters, and thankfully, no rioting.

I have no intention of using my blog to reveal every detail of my life but I do think that it is of note that I’ve recently returned from being very touristy in Paris.

Me and my girlfriend fulfilled the old standards of going to the top of the Eiffel Tower, visiting the Louvre and not knowing an awful lot of French. We also took the time to see the lesser heralded sights of the Parisian catacombs and Père Lachaise Cemetery. We took in afew more of Paris’ better known attractions and our stay was rounded off with running around Disneyland’s park and studio theme parks, cuddling and posing for photos with cartoon characters and proving that we aren’t really that grown up at all.

The weather was freezing all week and combination of the current exchange rate and Disney’s (and to a certain extant also Paris’ own) exorbitantly inflated culture put a huge dent in our travel money but the bad is weighed up against the fact that at this time of year most queues for rides were no more than ten of fifteen minutes if that and the hindsight that we managed to avoid days when the top of the Eiffel tower was closed due to fog limiting visibility and when most of Paris was brought to a standstill by protests.

All of which should provide enough inspiration for a handful of forthcoming posts.

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