Wednesday, 25 February 2009


it has already been over a month since i originally intended knocking a post up about Littles, back when the sound of his mixtape was still fresh in my ears, the mixtape may have been a little overlooked recently in my burgeouning generic mp3 player but one tune that has stuck in my head the whole time since is one that was only featured as a snippet.

Skank Out. can't say i know an awful lot about it other than it was recorded by the ever present (in my life anyway) Akira The Don in his studio, Akira also provides backing vocals and pops up in the vid, alongside members of Son Of King Rebel.

what a tune tho

this may also be a good time to bring up the fact that i've remixed Littles and Akira, this was originally a track from Akira's The Don mixtape and didn't quite make it onto his follow up remixtape, but cos i'm a caring sharing guy, here it is...

No Matter What Ft. Littles (Hunchbakk remix).mp3
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