Friday, 8 April 2011

adjusting transitions

see what i'm capable of doing when i put my mind to it?

not only have i stripped the decking to the best of my abilities whilst catching a fair bit of sun at the same time, i have also found the time to do my fair share of house work, read a comic in the sun whilst enjoying a beer that gets me up to date for reading Final Crisis, fixed the toilet, unfixed the light that needs to be returned to B&Q and fixed my dupstep mix.

of course, i thought it was finished the first time round, but a few little niggles and issues that had been raised by my girlfriend have been taken into consideration and with a little bit of tweaking i'm hoping that it shall meet with approval

nothing drastic has changed, everything has stayed the same, i have just readjusted a handful of the transitions as a number of tracks seemed to be coming in too loud and ruined the flow slightly, but like i said, i thought it was fine the first time round... let's see if i go back for any further edits....

but i am proud of it, the title pretty much says it all really...

wub be good to me, a dubstep cut'n'paste mix by Hunchbakk

Wub be good to me, a dubstep cut'n'paste mix by Hunchbakk

i basically cut and pasted the whole thing together in Acid, creating my own little loops and edits and merging tracks together as best as i possibly could, and i'll say it again, i am proud of it, for every little niggle or obvious flaw there have been other mixes, transitions and edits that have been so smooth that they have not raised any attention at all, it may not be perfect, but it's mine.

and so, perhaps for a little piece of history on this mix.

it was created for a friend that doesn't like dubstep.

we were at a dubstep night at Bar Form, and to be honest, it was slightly on the boring side, there was no real variation, nothing to really hook anybody in to the music, some of it was banging, but the rest of the time it strayed into repetitive and generic territory.

my friend was particularly unimpressed and it was easy to pinpoint what it was she didn't like about what was being played, yet i insisted that there would be dubstep that i think she would like and vowed to knock together a CD of tracks that i think she might have liked.

except some of these tracks and mixes were going on five or six minutes or more long, and strayed into repetitive and generic territory, so instead of just knocking together a playlist to burn off and wallow in the glove compartment of her car i instead thought i'd try and get a little creative and actually mix the tracks to suit her attention span.

so, in my own way i decided to splice together a mix that would reach back to the moody and pioneering dubstep of Burial as something of a history lesson, but also take in more vocal based tracks and remixes, as well as covering a number of more recognisable tunes in a filthy dubstep disguise, and since i couldn't let her get away without a little something to challenge her i also threw in tracks from Caspa and Rusko amongst the more palatable tracks as something of a contrast.

so what are you waiting for? 

download it

share it

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let me know what you think

and for those that have to have the whole package, at teh top of the post is the front cover, at the bottom of the post is the back cover, and for those with snazzy printers that can print onto CDs (you lucky people, you) i have also put together an image suitable for the CD which you can find over here


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