Saturday, 2 April 2011

journey to perplexity

please, let me explain myself.

i apologise profusely for not yet furnishing your ears with my cut 'n' paste dubstep mix.

a handfull of people of heard it, opinions range from 'tumping' (which i presume is a compliment, and shall take as such), to my girlfriends opinion that it sounded quite amateur, which of course it is, but i had a bloody good crack at it. oh, and i was also told by the friend that the mix was originally intended for, that the asda CD i burnt it on wouldn't play in her car, neither would the previous asda CD we tried, i see a pattern emerging here.

having taken my girlfriend's comments on board, i decided to postpone loading it up for all and sundry to hear and instead shall spend a little longer tweaking...

there are certainly points of the mix that i am not entirely happy with, whilst others are so smooth that few people have even realised when a track has flowed or merged into the next. so it is neither a complete success or a complete failure, it is what it is, a mix that i have cut and pasted together as best i could using acid .

the only thing i shall attempt to change are a handful of sound level issues that are bothering me, and are the reason i have not shared it just yet, the rest shall likely stand untouched, as a testament to what i can and cannot do.

as soon as i find a little spare time to give it the attention it deserves i shall tinker and upload, for now tho, perhaps just check out the artwork that i created for the compilation, and perhaps peruse the other creative outpourings of my family on a day to day basis.

credit where it's due:

accompanying image 'i wanna riot' by butterfly cool

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