Wednesday, 20 April 2011

the spies came out of the water

i don't like to obsess about it too much, but every once in a while i will spend a few minutes taking a look over what my statcounter has got to say about those that have visiting my blog

i also don't like to talk about it too much on my blog as i wouldn't want anyone that frequents here, no matter how casually, to think that i am spying on them and tracking their every move

honestly, it is more just a curiosity

to see how paper came here and what they have googled in order to find whatever page they came across with whatever i may have been waffling about at that point in time

it is always a little bit exciting to see when people from other countries have stumbled across my musings, yet it is no longer such a thrill to find that someone from sweden or spain has been looking at Roxanne Pallett in her smalls again, but i did get a strange buzz to find that someone in the Houses Of Parliament had been taking a peek at monday's blog post on the Enfield Advertiser's strike action 

in fact, that little piece did drive a little bit of web traffic in my direction, so i hope that means that people are taking notice of the cause that the journalists and editors on the picket line outside the Advertiser's offices are fighting for, although it seems that the situation has only deteriorated, with staff now being warned of possible redundancies

and sadly, it seems that this weeks newspaper is not worth an awful lot of time flicking through, especially if you are looking for the laughably titled 'leisure and lifestyle guide', as it seems that even after all that shouting and making a fuss about how important it is and who it appeals to, The Weekender is not represented in this week's edition in any way, shape, or form

i can only hope that the organisation of the aforementioned strike action is the main culprit behind it's disapearance, but i do fear now that the end may be nigh for this longstanding entertainment section, and along with it will go any hopes local bands had of gaining further exposure through their local newspaper.

at least we still have the return of Doctor Who to look forward to this weekend, i suppose.

and in fact, Doctor Who is another one of the topics that seems to keep bringing people all over the world back to my humble little blogspot, so i'm hoping that once we are back in the swing of things i shall again be offering my occasional opinion on what is goin on Doctor-wise

by the end of Matt Smith's debut season, i will admit that he has grown on me, and clearly absence really has made the heart grow fonder, as i cannot wait for the new series to get started! (although this may have more to do with Amy Pond, than Matt Smith's Doctor)

so i shall eagerly wait and see what is instore this time around, with high hopes for an episode scripted by personal fave of mine, Neil Gaiman, and the possibility of more revelations about the enigmatic River Song.

and since we have been discussing favourites, and web traffic, it would be downright rude not to give a huge shout out to what is possible my biggest pull of all time, that gets hits daily from all over the world, i am, of course, talking about Roxanne Pallett in her underwear

it is very nice of you to have joined us again, and as long as people keep clicking, i will keep being tempted to post half naked pictures of famous women....    along with your usual expected insights and geek-outs

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