Friday, 24 June 2011

in brightest day.....

ooooh, i actually get to see Green Lantern tonight

my girlfriend is still moaning that it looks shit, and to be honest i don't hold much hope for it either

but i'm more than willing to give it a chance and pray that they haven't done anything too terrible to it

so i thought i'd post up a couple of the Green Lantern vids that have been knocking around

first up is a congratulatory video, where a whole bunch of other superheroes are celebrating Hal Jordan's silver screen debut, but the atmosphere changes when Hawkman tries push his own movie script

and the next, i guess, must echo some of the sentiments of non-comic book readers and non-geeks around the world as DC choose to attempt launching a franchise with a hero other than Superman and Batman

and i may even consider blessing you with my own opinions, if i can really be bothered....

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