Saturday, 25 June 2011

it's not easy being green


that was disapointing

not only was Green Lantern disapointing, it was also rather frustrating as a result of it being rather boring and rather convoluted

i shall not bother attempting to critique and review the film too much, i just want to express how frustrating it is that DC had a chance to make a popular character just as recognisable and accepted amongst movie audiences and popular culture as Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman already are

to be quite honest, it was a rather sloppy and uneven attempt at film-making, let alone setting up of a decent superhero origin story... it plunged straight into a rather baffling intergalactic speil that is supposedly the premise of the film, and it is mostly down-hill all the way from there

i was forgiving of the slow-ish start, i realise you gotta set these things up slow and build up the excitement, but sadly the pacing was off horrendously, with a smattering of action scenes dispersed amongst a lot of mostly boring filler that seemed to be of very little consequence

i personally thought the inclusion of the Green Lantern Corps would be a step too far for the film, but they were in fact drastically under-used and it seems that perhaps we had been mis-sold exactly what this film was gonna be.

as the film unfolded before me i wondered what it was that i was getting into, and it seemed to almost hark back to nostalgic sense of superhero film, keeping it simple with the set-up, the training and then the pay-off, but it stretches itself too far, then doesn't try hard enough, getting it wrong and slipping up again and again

and it suffers hugely for its complete lacking of virtually any humour - there is nothing to keep you interested as the story meanders along and considering that Ryan Reynolds should have been having a real romp as Hal Jordan, i am sad to report that he falls flat on his face, displaying no charisma at all

the rather obvious setting up of a sequel is checked off as we go, something that is pretty much a given in most comic-to-screen situations, but when you consider that they were likely drafting up a plan of a trilogy, i just don't understand how they could have dropped the ball on this one whilst Marvel are making merry at the box office and doing a pretty bloody good job of it

c'mon DC, i keep sticking up for you, but give me a little more to put my faith in than CGI characters and concepts that are barely explained and Van Wilder in a rubbish looking suit.

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