Sunday, 12 June 2011


for those that felt drawn to looking at my geeky toys on display and felt pleasant waves of nostalgia waving through them, i've got another site that you may wanna take a brief look at

i recently stumpled upon Jason Vorhees' exhaustive toy blog via branded in the 80s

and boy, was that an eye-opening experience, as Jason recounts obtaining practically every retro toy that he has had the good fortune to lay his eyes upon, and takes the whole act of collecting very seriously, whether it is items he has won on ebay, found in toy store bargain basements or at yard and garage sales.

now, i would like to firmly stress to my girlfriend, if she is still reading, that i have not got the intention or the disposable income to go scouring the planet for every single toy ever created

my focus is primarily to rebuild my childhood memories of overactive imaginations by picking up action figures from the 80s and 90s that me and my brother would have played with, and then as we have both aged chosen to discard, if we'd have just hung onto them instead of foolishly growing out of them then this nostalgia-trip would be much simpler, but as it stands, it now means that any car boot sale or charity shop could be holding an articulated holy grail of mine

of course i could just max out a credit card on ebay, but where would be the sheer joy in a few clicks, a bulging 'my ebay' summary and somewhere in the region of £2 postage for every figure, nah, i'm kicking it old skool and gonna wait for these prized figures to find me

but Jason's blog has stirred up some vivid memories of old figures that had been lost in my densely populated cranium, anyone else remember army ants, supernaturals and troll warriors?


  1. Thanks for the plug! The key to getting what you want on Ebay is simple. Be patient, and have a maximum amount of what you want to spend. If the bid goes over what you're willing to spend, then stop, and look at other auctions. I have stumbled upon some great toys for unbelievable prices(I got my Super Madball, Touchdown Terror for 99 cents w/free shipping).
    For me, the thrill is in the hunt. I find it much more enjoyable to find my treasures at yard sales and thrift shops(I got Jackalman, from the Thundercats line for 49 cents at a Goodwill store).
    Just be on the look-out, and you'll find what you're looking for at a fair price.

  2. glad you stopped over and took a look

    most ebay listings in england may be a bargain on the figure itself (around 99 pence most times) but usually carry a hefty £2 postage charge which is a little disproportionate... makes things more of a challenge and i will keep my eyes out but this seems to be a standard

    i'll keep checking your progress and your finds, really enjoyed casting an eye over your archives