Friday, 6 January 2012

better man - part 2

it is so often the case that the sequel is never as good as the original, but let's see if we can help to re-balance the theory as i sit around at work, with not much work to be done, and plenty of time to ponder over yesterday's blog post and what i intend to do with my life...

it is common for me to live in daydreams

and despite trying to do otherwise, i still spend more time thinking then i ever spend doing

but i am daydreaming in those moments that happen between moments, the moments that are of little consequence, bus journeys, walking to work and other occasions where you are in a transitional state, waiting, or moving, but not fixed and not dedicated to fulfilling a purpose, those are the times when my mind wanders and the fantasy life plays out

i put belief into these desires, that they could be true, that it will happen someday, that something is holding me back but, in time, i will make good on these flights of fancy

i have some more music to make, my Giles Babel persona has not been as prolific as i had wished, but when i do find the time to mess around for a bit i do start dabbling, because that is what Giles Babel does, he does not merely make music, he makes experiments and projects and tests without placing too much fear in the fact that it is not 'music'

and i hope to push myself and push boundaries a bit more when i eventually get my hands on a fancy little iPad and load it up with useful apps, i have played around with the ridiculously simple garageband while idling in an apple store, and researched a few other useful looking programmes that do not look beyond my own capabilities

the intuitive nature of the touch screen pitches the iPad and the desired music apps somewhere between a toy and a portable music creation tool, making learned skills look easy at the touch of a button and hopefully encouraging a playfulness in my own machinations and a freedom from restriction.

before then tho, i need to focus some energies on wrapping up that which i have already started, drawing a close on what should have been the debut Hunchbakk album that is long delayed, cracking on with this latest collection of Giles Babel sounds, and, as my brother reminded me and his followers, maybe i should be looking to finish up the SoundArt collaborative project that we started in december 2008 with the intention of creating a 12 track album over the following 12 months, but is still stalled on the 9th track that i have barely made a start on.

i shan't go making any wild claims that 2012 will be my year, a grand exclamation like that sets me up for too big a fall for my liking, but lets just take it as it comes and see what happens regardless.

credit where it's due:

that slightly bizarre image up there was half inched from a seemingly unrelated article and was stumbled upon when i searched for the term 'better man' in google images

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