Wednesday, 11 January 2012

oh boy

i come bearing bad (although not wholly unexpected) news

it regards the music column that i had been contributing to for my local rag, The Enfield Advertiser, or rather, it regards the lack of it...

it is actually quite a task to cast my mind back and remember the time when the Advertiser were still running regular music columns, as detailed on this blog before, the entertainment section was initially under threat, then it was the staffing of the paper itself that was called into question resulting in strike action, and sadly, these trials and tribulations resulted in the decision of Entertainments editor Jonathon Lovett to leave the paper

his parting words in an email was that the future of The Weekender, that he had been at the fore-front of, was still uncertain, but that he had not heard that its days were numbered just yet... providing a new contact at the paper for submissions

in October i emailed her with pieces on the live return of The Others and the passing of Steve Jobs and the impact he has had on music. these both went ignored.

and in the months since, the newspaper has certainly seen a decline in the entertainment covered within as the once proud Weekender has slowly lost pages and articles and been folded into the ever-slimmer newspaper until there is very little trace of it left at all.

i'll admit that my last couple of articles were not very Enfield-centric, and if the pressure was on then perhaps they would not have been in good stead to occupy prime space, and with that in mind i decided to make one last ditch attempt at getting a focus of Enfield music back in an Enfield newspaper, submitting my recent review of Worst Case Scenarios debut EP.

i received an apology for not having getting any replies to my october emails, but that was by-the-by, the truth of the matter was that 'Unfortunately, we don't have room for music reviews in the paper anymore as we only have three arts pages'

my reply back pointed out that it was a shame that the Advertiser would not even consider running these features and raising the profile of and supporting musicians within the community that they live in.

i did not get a reply back.

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