Thursday, 5 January 2012

better man

i'm not one for new year's resolutions

but i do understand the reasoning behind it, feeling that we need a new start for the new year

instead i shall continue doing what i believe is the best type of resolution to make, whether it is new year or not, and that is to be the best person i can possibly be, to try and do everything that i have intended to do and more so

so, i've got a novel that needs editing, which i shall get round to this month

i've got music that i need to make and share, and would like to expand upon this by making an accompanying t-shirt design

i've got ideas for a couple of comic book storylines that i should really put pen to paper with, and at least get working on a first draft so that it can begin to take shape

i need to keep Seeking Susan Boyle up to date with musical tid-bits and should really get a logo and header sorted so it all looks a little bit more official

now, this may seem to be just another one of those blog posts where i harp on about the things i should be doing instead of just doing them, and that is because it is

damn, it seemed a better idea before i got started on it

so, post over...because i have the last few christmas decorations to take down and put away, some washing up to do, a review to write and dinner to make later on

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