Friday, 16 April 2010

geronimo watch

countless websites across the UK shall probably be troubling themselves today over a televised debate between three politicians last night.

i won't.

i'd much rather take a quick look back at last saturday's Doctor Who.

it seems we have more 'David Tennant as Doctor Who' style throwback acting, which isn't particularly nostalgic since he's only been out of the role five minutes. i'm honestly not gonna pass judgement yet, maybe Matt Smith will settle into the role and make it his own, but at the mo it hardly feels as if we have a new Doctor.

We have Amy Pond in a dressing gown (a dressing gown?! a dressing gown?! a million geeks must have wept that she hadn't gone to bed in just a little negligee)

And we also have The Doctor shouting geronimo. again. please stop.

and as for unravelling storylines, nothing yet on the goings on that i thought i had picked up on last time around (yet). the only recurrent theme was a crack in the side of the ship, reminiscent of the crack in Amy's wall - so let's see where that development will lead us in future episodes.

so, should i regularly keep you guys up to date on my observations as this series progresses? bit geeky, i know - and hardly the type of thing my long suffering girlfriend likes to find on my blog

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