Tuesday, 6 April 2010


so, Doctor Who has started again, which means i have to find another hour each week to fit in some telly watching, having only just gained an hour when Skins finished.

new season, new doctor and new partner!!

i watched the first episode on the ketchup telly last night, and despite my initial dislike of Matt Smith's Doctor, i think i might grow to like him, or at worst, tolerate him, but only time will tell.

i didn't bode well from the start, ok, you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover. but i just don't realy like the look of him. but i'll keep an open mind. alot has also been said so far of his lack of eyebrows, this also bothers me.

but onto the actual episode, and it seems that Matt Smith is trying to do his very best David Tennant impersonation - kinda hoping this is just transitional, either a slight homage to the recently departed Doctor, or the after-effects of the regeneration, or just akward acting til he finds his feet and knows how to become his own doctor.

and i'm already slightly bored of this yelling 'Geronimo' nonsense, just because Tennant had the occasional recurring exclamation of 'Allons-y' doesn't mean we need a catchphrase which has already outstayed it's welcome after barely more than one whole episode.

and what?? this Doctor doesn't like bacon?!??!! i'm realy not liking this chap so far.

but despite all this the episode was enjoyable, i won't give up all hope just yet. hopefully the bacon thing was just a mere oversight too!

what about the new partner? a 'kiss-a-gram' in a kinky policewomans uniform? great!

do kiss-a-grams actually realy exist? or would a Doctor's companion that also works as a stripper been a bit too risky for a BBC family programme?

lets hope she remembered to take her nun, french maid and nurse outfits with her when she hopped into the Tardis at the end of the episode.

so what does the future hold? Doctor Who has hardly been subtle when building up stories in the past and it seems we may be straight into it this time too... i'm certain i caught a quick glimpse of Davros, the laptop used in the episode was quite clearly manufactured by Myth and we have already been given the foreboding warning that 'silence will fall'.

just a handfull of teasers that i'm sure will play out across the season in the same way that similar set-ups like mentions of Bad Wolf, Torchwood and Saxon had echoed throughout past series.

we'll see soon enough, i'm sure.

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