Thursday, 22 April 2010

another dodgy headline

it's all getting a bit wordy around here!!

lengthy posts and such, and i got more words coming your way.

as the sun is streaming in through my window i'm am giving a listen to Deadmau5 in eager anticipation for (hopefully) another review oppurtunity and i'm downloading some Yeasayer stems that i might try to get busy with

talking of reviews, the Advertiser is a little behind the times and has finally got round to printing my re-tooled Frank Turner review that first saw the light of day over at glasswerk, some bits stayed the same, other bits changed and i gave it a nice little introduction for anyone that doesn't already know who Frank Turner is...

Frank Turner @ The Roundhouse 24.03.10
or as the paper titled it
To be Frank, Turner's star is on the rise

Frank Turner's journey to his sold out show at Camden's Roundhouse is a rather endearing tale.
Raised in a village in Hampshire and educated at Eton, young Francis probably broke his mother's heart when he began fronting post-hardcore band Million Dead in 2001.

The London based band achieved modest success and spent four years on the borders of rock's mainstream, releasing two acclaimed albums along the way, but the story takes an unexpected twist in 2005 when the rockers disbanded and Frank's career took a rather different tack.

Because for the past five years he has been peddling his wares as an alt-folk artist, while still retaining the edge that you would expect given his previous form.

Having toured rigorously, with numerous festival appearances under his belt and opening for the likes of Biffy Clyro, The Offspring and The Gaslight Anthem, Frank Turner has been cultivating a burgeoning fan-base and slowly been climbing up the ladder playing bigger and better venues.

And the night felt like a mild mannered celebration, with the Roundhouse gig being the biggest headline slot to date for the constantly charming and affable Turner, taking to the stage amid a rotating cast of players to sing songs for old and for current friends, for family, for love and for frustration.

Faithfull fans chant almost every word along with their folk-punk hero and arms are raised in jubilation as the 3000 strong crowd stretches back into the depths of the former engine shed.
Through pogue-esque celtic punk, acoustic spleen venting and banjo wielding call-to-arms in front of a sold out crowd, perhaps Frank Turner's biggest success lies within his ever grateful and ever professional performance that was delivered completely free of rock star posturing.

And as the evening draws to a close, Turner expresses his appreciation again for an equally appreciative audience as he recounts tales of his earliest shows at Holloway’s considerably smaller Nambucca venue.

But with an even bigger gig already announced for the near 5000 capacity Brixton Academy in December, it looks like the ballad of Frank Turner is far from finished.

Frank Turner - Photosynthesis   stream only

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