Monday, 12 April 2010

penny wise

sofas and geeking out.

but where is the poetry you cry?

where are the tales of woe as i search for an affordable yet grand house to live in?

where are the random internet finds?

wait, wait! i think i've got one!

yes, check this bad boy out! direct from the 1977 J. C. Penny catalogue!

i had been trying to convince my girlfriend that when we finally do acquire a house i was going to lovingly furnish it with a stray dining table that has taken up residence in a front garden down the road from me.

but she can rest easy, i have changed my mind, instead i want one of these to sit round and eat hotdogs at!!

lovingly referred to on this blog as 'some car seats on some old barrels'

and you realy have gotta check out the rest of the post for some real iconic style statements that everyone must be hoping will roll back around and be in fashion again soon

credit where it's due:
check out the full blog post and dazzling images at Save Leigh Ann

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