Monday, 19 April 2010

bride and groom

it has been a wonderful weekend.

how much of my personal and private life bleeds into my blog is questionable in my own mind, i like to keep it almost anonymous, so that those that know i write my blog can quite clearly see the real me in my writing but to the rest of the world i could be anyone, but also giving enough little tidbits and insights to keep any voyeuers happy.

and so this post continues, with the regailing of my cousin's wedding in a converted and rather beautiful barn in Ongar.

family weddings are such life affirming times, i'm hardly close to my family so these types of gatherings are enjoyable and equally a little bit uncomfortable.

but it's always nice to hear family tell tales that you either had never heard before, or that you had forgotten or that you hear all the time but never tire of. life keeps rushing by and for an afternoon you take it all in and take a look back and be reminded that you was little once, those long forgetten times...

and then the eating and then the drinking and then the dancing.... and it seems as if i have discovered a way to not get completely drunk... it is called single measures, they just don't do it for me, and the amount i had was definetely not enough to make me feel relaxed on the dance floor (not that i'd let it stop me either)

Sunday was another glorious day, spent in summer clothes and sunglasses and with a picnic in Hyde Park with my girlfriend followed by my first ever attempt at rowing a boat as we ventured out onto the Serpentine (as the queue for row boats was considerably shorter than the queue for peddalloes).

and of course the fact that the sun was out means that i now have my traditional t-shirt suntan that will hang around for the rest of the year and i will never be able to even out no matter how hard i try and no matter how much time i spend in sleeveless shirts

so, after two days out of the real world life will inevitably carry on as normal, but what a majestic couple of days

and congratulations to my cousin and his beautiful new bride

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