Saturday, 15 May 2010


once again i am in awe of Akira The Don.... sickening, sickening awe!!

his latest output is amazing, and i honestly think that this is not gushing enough.

his previous superhero themed mixtape had some outstanding touches of brilliance on it, and the quality control does not let up, if anything i think it may have been improved upon for what Akira himself admitted was intended to be an days worth of mashing up some old 16bit SNES tunes and a handful of inspired old joints but ended up being an epic three week task turning out a geeking freaking masterpiece of retro gaming nostalgia

ATD23: The Street Fighter Mixtape is so much more than it more than it deserves to be.

Akira The Don - ATD23 - The Street Fighter Mixtape by Akira The Don

perhaps that little build up didn't sell it enough, there has been hard work gone into this thing and it shows.  hard work, love and a hell of a lot of skills, courtesy of Akira himself and his co-collaborators !!

the quality control is definetely what places this mixtape head and shoulders above anything else of its ilk, from searing rap vocals to laid back grooves and inventive sampling, all of these factors come together like a 12 hit combo that would leave no competitor standing.

it would be a severe injustice to overlook this mixtape as just 52 minutes of beat-em-up influenced music, even if the subject matter seems a little niche this still stands alone as an extremely well constructed album that has far outgrown the gimmicky premise of its creation.

cop the whole thing, in track seperated CD quality over here

and i'll even forgive Akira for encrouching on my personal thoughts and intentions, as he has only gone and bloody recycled an old chorus from britpop also-rans Rialto, a chorus from the song that i intended to cover and had already recorded the vocals for about a month ago, but have sat around on my hard drive doing not very much since.......

oh well, i snoozed and i loozed.

player 1, you win!!

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